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Frequently asked questions

Why wear press-on nails?

Rather than going to a salon and committing to gel or acrylic enhancements, you can use these press-on nails to temporarily adorn them. If you want to up the glamour on the weekend and return to au natural on Monday morning, these are the nails for you.

What do you use to decorate the nails?

Nail polish, acrylic paints, rhinestones, other embellishments and acrylic powders. I do not use stickers or decals. 

Will they fit me?

The nails on the 'fish-bone' frame are better suited to with a curved c-curve (point your fingernails towards you will see a curve from one side of your nail to the other). Natural nails with a flatter c-curve may mean that you need to file the sides of the false nails a little more and be more generous with adhesive to adhere the nails.

Why do you sell two fish-bone frames of nails when others sell only one.

Some people only sell one set - 12 nails to fit two hands. I provide 12 nails for EACH hand to ensure a better fit and less need for filing and shaping. Oval nails that are not attached to a spine come in 10 different sizes; you will be provided with 20 nails (two of each size).

What lengths do you use?

Presently, I use shorter length nails. On the largest nail, the measurement is 23mm from the cuticle area to the free-edge.

How do I apply and remove the nails?

Nails can be attached with nail glue or sticky nail tabs which can be found in a beauty supply or cosmetics store. Full instructions will be provided.

How long will they last?

If using sticky adhesive tabs, they can last as long as you like (pop them on and off). Nail glue will adhere the nails for longer and if worn carefully (as you would your own natural nails) you could get a week or more of wear. This will depend on how you prepare your natural nails before applying the false nails, the longevity of the glue and whether or not you reapply the glue if the nails start to lift.

Why do my nails look different to those in the picture?

As these nails are hand painted, you may occasionally come across inconsistencies in design. This has to be expected as these nails are painted by a human being and not manufactured.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. All packages are shipped First class by Royal Mail, but should you require any other shipping method (recorded, signed for, special delivery etc), please contact me.

How long will it take for you dispatch my package?

I regularly replenish stocks, but I may need at least 48 hours to ship a set (to ensure the polish is completely dry) or more if I am taking a custom order. If you are short on time and want the nails sooner than this, contact me. Rush orders will incur a £10 charge on top of the nail set price.

Can you make a customised set for me?

Of course I can! Just contact me to discuss your requirements and I'll see what I can do to put a smile on your face.

I have another question that you haven't already answered.

Contact me and I'll see what I can do to help you.

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